Kai’Sa – Guide

Passive ability: Second skin

Kai’sa’s basic attacks deal 4-10(at levels 1-16)(+1-5(at levels 1-17)per plasma stack)(+10/12.5/15/17.5/20% of ability power (based on Plasma stacks)bonus magic damage.

Caustic Wounds: Kaisa’s basic attacks, W ability (Void Seeker) and nearby allies’ immobilizing (rooting or stunned enemies by our teammates) will affect enemies by marking them with Plasma for 4 seconds, stacking up to 4 times. When releasing the 4th basic attack, the next attack ruptures the target, dealing 15% and if kia’sa had AP will additionally add(+2.5% per 100 AP) of target’s missing health as bonus magic damage, capped at 400 against monsters.

(in simple terms kai’sa assures the kills of the low health enemy champions  )

Living Weapon: When reaching a certain amount of stat from items and base stats, Kai’sa can evolve the related basic ability. This has a channel time of 2 seconds, and the upgrade is canceled if the said amount of stat isn’t reached anymore.

Looking at the above description of Kai’sa’s passive you can see that it synergizes well with attack speed. Caustic wounds make it easy for her to kill enemies who are low on hp since it does damage based on missing health.

Evolving your abilities will depend on your build however since her damage mostly depends on her attack speed it makes sense to evolve the E ability (Supercharger) first. Then once you complete your Infinity Edge item you can Evolve your Q ability (Icanthian Rain).


Kai’sa’s skill pick order starts with Q (Icathian Rain) and then E (Supercharger) and W (Void seeker) after that. Icanthian Rain will help you with wave clear, While it’s not the strongest wave clear ability you can find on an ADC but it’s still better than nothing. Once you evolve this ability it’s really good in 1 v 1 battles where all your missiles will focus on the enemy champion unless you don’t have enemy minions around you. Once this ability is evolved it will release 12 missiles instead of 6 missiles.

Your W ability is good for sniping enemies who are running away, Stealing enemy Red/Blue buffs or even Baron Nashor /Drake by timing it well. However, keep in mind that mastering this ability will require a lot of practice and patience. Aside from that this is a great tool to use when you want to catch up to an enemy, By using your Ultimate in combination with this ability.

Your E ability is really useful for kiting since it grants both bonus attack speed and movement speed. It’s also great for dodging enemy’ CC abilities. However keep in mind that this is your only way of getting away from hairy situations, So use it wisely only when it is necessary.

You can use your ult both defensively and aggressively. However you need to keep in mind that your ult will do zero damage. It’s simply a tool to reposition/shield yourself.

Early game

As mentioned earlier you will pick Q ability as your first ability and you will start auto-attacking minions to push the lane so that you will get to level 2 as soon as possible. Then after reaching level 2, you need to freeze the lane instead of pushing the wave under the enemy tower because the enemy will simply farm safely under the tower. In the early game your target should be engaging  in short trades. While Kai’sa is an all-in style champion until you have enough items to all in and kill the enemy bot lane you should make use of your passive and only do short trades. However, this does not mean that if the enemy makes a mistake you shouldn’t go all in and grab and capture an easy kill.

MID/late game It’s time for you to move with your team now. Don’t be the ADC that farms in bot lane when your team is fighting. As the ADC your job is to do the most damage effectively and efficiently. In team fights, you need to focus the enemy that’s standing closest to you and poses the biggest threat to you. Don’t try to get in range to attack the enemy ADC because of your low range you might gonna have to walk close to them to attack them and this will give the enemy team an opportunity to kill you. Always stay behind your frontline.

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