Spirit Blossom – League of Legends Summer Event

The summer event is finally here. Get ready to meet the spirits and interact with each of them. New skins and and new loot available throughout the whole event.

The big summer event is finally here. It was known for a while that the event theme would be based in Ionia, and it will be revealing two new champions as well. Riot Games have confirmed that the event will last throughout the span of July 22nd and August 24th, giving players all the time they need to complete event missions and reap sweet rewards. Yesterday on July 22nd the first champion of the aforementioned two was released on live servers. She is non-other than the cute and adorable fawn Lillia.

Lillia’s preferred role is that of a jungler. Players who have tested her playstyle in PBE servers have mentioned that her jungle clear is surprisingly fast, and that nerfs can be expected in the near future patches. With that said players also claim that she is quite enjoyable to play. Comparing her playstyle to that of Zoe who is known for her fun play style as well. This comes as no surprise because these two champions do seem to have similar playful natures and are the only two champions in the game to possess a unique crowd control ability known as a “sleep”.


The Spirit Blossom Festival is an ancient and celebrated time in Ionia, when the door to the spirit world is opened, the dead return to their loved ones, and spirits of all manner turn their eyes towards the living. From the benevolent Kanmei to the obsessive Akana—their stories play out again and again, like shadows on a paper lantern.

Event and New Skins

Players who logged into the client after patch 10.15 were greeted with a Visual Novel style dialogue with a white Fox. After completion, it is revealed that she is one of many spirits you must interact with in order to progress through the Spirit Blossom event. Interactions with the other spirits are in the same anime-inspired Visual Novel style. The spirits are based on the new skins that are released with this event. Those who are receiving the skins are Ahri, Cassiopeia, Kindred, Lillia, Riven, Teemo, Thresh, Vayne, Yasuo and the new champion Yone, who is non-other than Yasuo’s fallen brother. As of today July 23rd, all the skins have been revealed and released on Live servers except for Yone, which will arrive with his release in the next patch. With each skin, there will be an Emote released as well, one for each skin.

Nexus Blitz

With the new patch, Riot has brought back the fun and exciting game mode Nexus Blitz. This time with new features and a brand new Ionian themed map. The map is nothing but eye-catching and beautiful. Although some jungle monsters will look familiar, they’ve also received the Ionian treatment. Making them look more like Ionian creatures rather than the typical monsters we all have seen a thousand times before.

The game mode will be introducing some new items such as the Golden Spatula exclusive only to this game mode and bringing back some old and decommissioned items as well like Deathfire Grasp. Players can expect to have a lot of fun in this game mode battling against random NPC enemies and changing game objectives. Completing said objectives can result in the team getting extra buffs in order to defeat the enemy team. Nexus Blitz is live and available to play right now.

Event Pass

With the new event, Riot has obviously offered players an Event Pass. Players can purchase the event pass for 1650RP. After purchase, you will receive 200 Spirit Blossom tokens and 4 Kanmei Orbs. Other loot will be available after completing even pass exclusive missions. Which include 25 Prestige Points, Kanmei Orb, 2 Gemstones, 3 Emotes, The Spirit Blossom 2020 Icon, A Masterwork chest, one Hextech Key, 1250 Orange Essence, 3000 Blue Essence, A Mystery Emote and a 10 wins XP Boost.

There is also a 2650RP bundle available that includes some extra loot. Which are Teemo (Champion), Spirit Blossom Teemo (Skin) and a Spirit Blossom Teemo Icon.

So what’re you waiting for, head over to League of Legends and begin your journey with the spirits. Remember that the event ends on the 24th of August. Better start earning those loot before time runs out.

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